Stephen L. Bluestone

Mr. Bluestone manages the firm’s legal business in addition to professional and client relationships, domestic and international case management, as well as being directly involved in the firm’s major litigation and debt recovery matters.

He believes in a “hands-on” approach to handling international matters and frequently meets with clients, local lawyers and parties involved in disputes in their own countries.

General Background

Mr. Bluestone commenced his legal career in 1971 in Washington D.C. and is an experienced general practitioner having handled cases in such areas as general business and tort litigation, representing parties in probate, bankruptcy and real estate proceedings and matters, advised domestic and international companies on general business matters, including contract negotiation as well as establishing debt recovery strategies for domestic and overseas creditors.

Mr. Bluestone has been involved in trust and conservatorship cases where the parties, courts, trust companies, beneficiaries, wards, and other associated entities and persons are located in different countries. As background for this specialization, Mr. Bluestone received continual appointments over many years by the Probate Division of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia to participate as counsel, conservator, or guardian in proceedings before the Court.

Early Background

During Mr. Bluestone’s early years in the Nation’s Capital, he served as a consumer advocate testifying before Congress (the House Small Business Committee) and federal government agencies ( the Federal Trade Commission, The Federal Communications Commission and others) in the areas of toy and other product safety, deceptive advertising practices to children, and related matters. In addition, he was an associate with the firm of Douglas, Obear and Campbell (now Jackson & Campbell).

Items of Note

Among the numerous presentations made by Mr. Bluestone throughout the world, he was a keynote speaker in Quindao, China at a conference sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Trade, where he presented a paper on the Global Aspects of Credit Management in the Americas.

In 2005, Mr. Bluestone was appointed a Special Assistant Attorney General of North Dakota in relation to an international debt recovery project undertaken by the State with the firm, which continued until 2008.