Asset Recovery

Debt Recovery

Successful business relationships are based on trust, mutual respect and meaningful collaborative opportunities. Despite the best of intentions, business relationships breakdown, and companies fail to make good on promises or fulfill their end of a bargain. Disputes arise from a wide range of commercial transactions: from an Asian solar industry manufacturer with a dispute over contract interpretation with a U.S. importer to an Austrian subcontractor in a contract dispute over billing procedures with a major U.S. company, to unpaid deliveries of heavy equipment in Brazil. There may be breaches of distribution, the failure of a buyer to retrieve shipped goods, and instances where import and export regulations have been violated or commercial loan agreements have compromised.

Recovering debts located throughout the world, through our in-house team of recovery attorneys and professionals licensed in numerous jurisdictions, including through our affiliated company Bluestone Recoveries International, we have recovered on a global portfolio of over USD $200m of export credit related and commercial debt in all markets of the world.

On behalf of creditors worldwide, we take the necessary actions to recover through creative approaches that include leveraging our skills at the negotiating table, in the court room and through post-judgment and extra-judicial avenues. Whether recovering assets through freezing an offshore account, enforcing a foreign judgment, or discovering corporate schemes used to shield assets from creditors, we provide a full spectrum of global recovery services.

Representing the rights of creditors for over 150 years, we have a wealth of experience in providing comprehensive recovery and legal representation services to creditors in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, and Asia, as well as emerging markets.

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Amicable Debt Recovery

We strive to achieve recoveries through amicable means, which is the most cost-efficient and timely matter of resolution. We are skilled at finding solutions which may included proposing favorable settlements, enforcing liens and seizing collateral, as well as other pre-litigation alternatives. However, when necessary, we will recommend legal action. Our legal team is comprised of trial lawyers as well as attorneys who manage litigation in foreign jurisdictions and throughout the U.S.

Global Litigation

When prosecuting a lawsuit in a foreign jurisdiction, a local attorney licensed in the forum jurisdiction must prosecute the case. However, local attorneys throughout the world, despite often being experienced commercial litigators, are not always experienced in representing foreign creditors, including speaking a creditor’s native language, properly advising on apostilles and other evidentiary authentications, and otherwise representing clients in debt recovery actions.

In managing litigation around the world, we leverage our vast experience in global debt recovery to assist all of our local counsel in minimizing fees, developing legal and recovery strategies, maximizing negotiations, and otherwise bringing about a successful resolution. Legal systems and legal practices vary greatly throughout the world, including varying legal fees, court costs, time required to obtain judgment, methods and substance in communicating with clients, as well as various cultural issues. We serve as general counsel to our clients in prosecuting litigation throughout the world and are able to put local realities into a clear and understandable format so that our clients can make informed decisions when prosecuting in unfamiliar jurisdictions.

Our global litigation practice extends to every corner of the globe. The firm’s team, comprised of attorneys and professionals who know the requirements of bringing lawsuits in foreign countries; who are well versed in enforcing foreign judgments; and who can negotiate the recovery of debts in many of the world's languages. This enables us to “shrink the world” by providing the capacity to handle single matters and portfolios of debt through our own offices.

International matters are handled in-house by our multi-lingual professionals strategically located in regional offices in North America, Europe, Central America, and South America. These “on the ground” local resources provide a streamlined process for both straightforward and complex disputed recoveries.

We have prosecuted and managed litigation in the United States, Mexico, South America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia.

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International Arbitration

The firm’s international arbitration services are able to handle simple and straightforward disputes to those of greater complexity that confront entities and governments throughout the world. With a formidable track record and the necessary global relationships, we seamlessly serve our clients in real time and around the clock in arbitration venues worldwide.

Our multilingual team possesses detailed knowledge of arbitration institutions, applicable rules, regulations and practices. The firm handles international disputes under the laws of different countries and is adept at maximizing our client’s interests.

Estates & Trusts

International estate matters can involve intricate laws and competing interests between individuals, businesses, and even governments. When facing a complex international estate matter, a dedicated and experienced advocate can protect both your rights and financial interests. Our attorneys represent beneficiaries who are denied benefits and/or involved in disputes with estates/trusts regardless of the country of the client or estate/trust.

Sports & Entertainment

Bluestone’s Sports Recoveries practice was founded for the purpose of assisting professional athletes, agents, and sports agencies in recovering earned but unpaid salaries and fees from teams located throughout the world. The division has expanded to include recovering debts associated with a variety of sports, including basketball, volleyball and golf, as well as a staff with both professional and collegiate athletic experience, contributing to the firm’s ability to understand and efficiently resolve outstanding sports-related debt matters.

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