Global Practice

Our modern day world has become an interconnected web of business transactions. Free trade agreements, access to global finance and credit insurance, as well the development of emerging markets over the past decade have allowed businesses and traders to transact business in more places, quicker, with greater ease than ever before. As technology and open markets allow traders, financiers, and insurers to operate globally, equally robust and competent need for service providers are required.

Despite the ebbs and flows of the global economy, the United States remains the world's largest economic superpower, purchasing more goods and services than any other country. With recent free trade enactments with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama, more and more companies are transacting business with the U.S.

Historically, Latin American countries provided many of the natural commodities used around the world. Today, with growing economics and stable governments, the region is transacting more business than ever before. Similarly, Asian countries, led by China and South Korea, continue to export heavily, including a technologically progressive and pact-leading South Korea.

Headquartered in Washington D.C. and with regional offices on four continents, Bluestone Law International, and its affiliates, have grown with the needs of its clients, both in substance and geographical scope, to fulfill global legal and business needs in a variety of sectors. Our multi-lingual professionals and local resources in all corners of the world, allow our clients to comfortably transact business in major economic hubs and distant emerging markets. Whether providing pre-transaction commercial due diligence, drafting sales or financing documents or managing litigation in local courts and tribunals around the globe, Bluestone Law International is an indispensable contributor to the modern business community.