Due Diligence / Audit

Due Diligence / Audit

To complement its debt recovery services, Bluestone McKillop International, an associated company, provides assistance with worldwide due diligence and insurance pre-indemnification reporting, as well as field auditing and management for pre-export credit reporting and other trade related matters. Importantly, because we use local professionals, the cost savings (depending on the country) can be greater than 50% compared with an American company rendering these same services.

Due Diligence

  • Business reporting on corporate status
  • Business credit reporting
  • Asset and business investigations to provide commercial intelligence for global trade transactions and financing
  • Performing on-site investigations to identify the credit-worthiness in countries where formal credit reports are unreliable or unavailable

Pre-indemnification Reporting (Insurance)

  • Conducting investigations to determine information pertinent to insurers, including reasons for claim default, status of tangible goods received, compliance intentions, solvency, as well as other elements customized to a particular insurance policy

Field Auditing

  • Conducting field audits in multiple South American countries verifying the location, conditions and use of exported or leased products in the possession of local business entities
  • Identification of and verification of financial fraud related to exported goods and credit related matters

Benefits Realized

  • Services are provided by local staff knowledgeable in the local language, business culture and practices;
  • All projects are directly coordinated and managed by Bluestone regional management
  • Local professional expertise by legal, accounting, auditing and other specialists
  • Comprehensive due diligence on projects from commencement through completion
  • Substantial client savings in travel and staff time

We maintain the capabilities to provide this service in North America, Central America, and South America.